Astro boy? NCT127 Taeyong’s tattoo on his belly is a hot topic! He became the cover of “W Korea”!


NCT 127 Taeyong is popular all over the world.

Taeyong is a member who is good at dancing.

Taeyong has become the cover of the magazine “W Korea”!

These are photos of NCT 127 Taeyong posted on W Korea’s official Instagram.

In the first photo, Taeyong jumpping was very dynamic.

There are various outfits, and in the second photo, Taeyong wore a glitter tops.

The see-through outfit was sexy on the third photo 😆

The tattoo on Taeyong’s belly became a hot topic in this W Korea photo!

Taeyeon has various tattoos, and his dog Ruby’s tattoo is famous.

Recently, “Rude Boy” tattoo on Taeyong shoulder was attracted attention.

And this time I saw a new tattoo on Taeyong’s belly.

I couldn’t see details of the tattoo.

Fans have various predictions about the tattoo.

Many fans say the tattoo is Astro Boy !

Taeyong likes Japanese anime such as Studio Ghibli and Digimon, so maybe this tattoo is really Astro Boy.

Taeyong may tell us about tattoos, so let’s check it out ♪