August 13th is NCT DREAM Jaemin’s birthday! Introducing the charm of Jaemin !!

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Quote from:NCT twitter
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NCT DREAM was a big hit with the new song “Ridin”.

NCT DREAM has changed to a new structure and it is announced that it will be active as NCT U.

People’s attention is focused on the activities of NCT DREAM members in the future.

August 13th is the birthday of NCT DREAM Jaemin!

Jaemin, who was born on August 13, 2000, is now 20 years old.

Jaemin has been active as NCT DREAM for a long time, but he is still young.

Jaemin has become more and more manly these days.

[Weekly Idol] 온 세상이 돕는 재민이의 오또케송♬ l EP.460 (ENG/CHN)

Jaemin is very cool on stage, but he usually gets attention because of his cute behavior!

NCT DREAM members are always laughing at Jaemin’s actions.

When NCT DREAM appeared in the weekly idol, Jaemin performed a cute song.

Jaemin’s cute song, which is different from ordinary idols, was very interesting .

Jeno and Jaemin of the same age in NCT DREAM are known for their close friendship.

The time they joined SM was the same, and they’ve been working together since long ago.

Recently, Red Velvet Seulgi and Irene’s “Naughty” was covered by dances by Jeno and Jaemin!

It’s a wonderful video of the two people’s dance.

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Jaemin is a member of NCT DREAM.

Jaemin on stage is also cool, but be sure to pay attention to the usual funny Jaemin♪

Happy Birthday Jaemin !!