NCT DREAM Mark & Jaemin (Markmin) are so cute! Comeback with “Glitch Mode” tomorrow ♪

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NCT DREAM will make a comeback with their new album “Glitch Mode” on March 28th tomorrow.

NCT DREAM has released “7llin’in our Youth”, and fans’ expectations for their comeback are rising.

Today, March 27th, the photos of NCT DREAM Jaemin and Mark(Markmin) was posted!

These are two-shot photos of Jaemin and Mark (Markmin) posted on NCT DREAM’s official Twitter account.

What attracted attention was Jaemin’s facial expression!

Mark had his shoulders crossed over Jaemin, and Jaemin had a cute smile 😆

Jaemin’s expression, which can only be seen in the photo with Mark, was wonderful!

I’m looking forward to Markmin’s performance in NCT DREAM’s new song “Glitch Mode” to be released tomorrow ♪