Haechan has nose piercings(sticker?)!? NCT DREAM “Glitch Mode” teaser image has been released!

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NCT DREAM will make a comeback with the new album “Glitch Mode” on March 28th.

Teasers related to “Glitch Mode” have been released one after another, and the concept is drawing attention.

Today, March 22nd, Haechan’s teaser image of NCT DREAM “Glitch Mode” has been released!

This is Haechan’s teaser image of “Glitch Mode” posted on NCT DREAM’s official Twitter account.

Haechan wears a pink top, and his cute outfits are wonderful.

Haechan’s nose piercings attracted attention!

There is a black accessory on Haechan’s nose.

Probably it is a sticker, and Haechan’s nose piercing is cool 😆

In addition to nose piercings, Haechan also wore necklace and rings.

Today, in addition to Haechan, the teaser images of Mark, Jaemin, and Chenle have been released.

Let’s check that out too ♪