MV theory is a topic! Red Velvet “Feel My Rhythm” MV released! The Garden of Earthly Delights?

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Red Velvet is very popular all over the world.

Red Velvet has released a number of hit songs such as “Red Flavor” and “Phycho”.

Today, March 21st, the MV for Red Velvet “Feel My Rhythm” has been released!

This is the MV for Red Velvet “Feel My Rhythm” released on YouTube.

“Feel My Rhythm” is so beautiful song.

“Feel My Rhythm” has been a hot topic among fans since the MV teaser was released.

The concept, such as the relationship with “Psycho” and “Alice in Wonderland”, was attracting attention.

Looking at the released MV of “Feel My Rhythm”, there were many mysterious points.

At the ending, Seulgi is especially talked about!

In the scene where RedVelvet members are sitting in the garden, only Seulgi was facing sideways while the other members were facing the front.

Seulgi was inside a cute building, and she seemed to be the key person in “Feel My Rhythm” MV.

Fans consider that the cute building that appeared in the ending represents the picture of Hieronymus Bosch’s “The Garden of Earthly Delights” !

In the MV of “Feel My Rhythm”, there were other scenes that seemed to have famous paintings as motifs, and it was so beautiful 😆

Let’s check the comeback activity of Red Velvet “Feel My Rhythm” starting from now on ♪