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NCT127 VS TXT! NCT127 and TXT co-starred in the interview! !

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NCT127 that made a comeback with “Punch” and TXT (Tomorrow X Together) that made a comeback with “Can’t You See Me?”.

Both sets are popular KPOP idols all over the world.

Two such pairs have been selected as No.1 candidates at Music Bank!

Interview with NCT 127 & TOMORROW X TOGETHER [Music Bank / 2020.05.29]

This is the 1st candidate interview at Music Bank.

Since it was hard to see the NCT127 and TXT co-starring, it was a valuable video!

Every time TXT talks, NCT127 was excited.

The high tension of NCT127 members was interesting!

Doyoung’s microphone performance and Mark’s song performance were also highlights.

TXT was fresh and cute.

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NCT127 “Punch” won the 1st place!

Both were popular groups, so it was a close battle.

Please check the stage ♪