TXT Soobin became a too cute photographer! Also charming with Hueningkai! !


TXT (Tomorrow X Together) working on the new song “Can’t You See Me?”.

TXT has become a hot topic, having won the number 1 position on charts around the world.

This time, I would like to introduce a video in which TXT Soobin became a too cute photographer!

This video is behind video of the concept trailer of TXT’s new album “The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY”.

In the concept trailer, only Soobin was separated from other members, and I felt a mysterious atmosphere, but in reality it was a friendly atmosphere.

Soobin was shooting the members with a camera.

Soobin, who tells the members to be “pretty, cool!” is so cute!

The members who pose according to Soobin’s instructions were also cute.

After that, Soobin showed a lot of charm towards Hueningkai.

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TXT Soobin and Hueningkai are always good friends.

I hope TXT will continue to show a lot of charm!

We support TXT’s success ♪