TXT Soobin has released a photo with BTOB Minhyuk! Two people who look exactly like each other!!

Quote from:TXT twitter

BTOB 4U, the first unit formed from BTOB.

BTOB 4U’s unit debut song “Show Your Love” won first place in the music program.

After the end of the Music Bank broadcast on November 27th, a good friend photo of TXT Soobin and BTOB Minhyuk has been released!

Here is a picture of Soobin and Minhyuk posted on TXT’s official Twitter account.

TXT Soobin and BTOB Minhyuk have long been famous idols who are very similar.

The co-starring of the two people became a hot topic at the Music Bank last week.

Two shots at Music Bank this week were expected through SNS exchanges, and they have finally been released!

“It’s Soobin! I think it’s probably the selfie that many people have been waiting for. ”

It was a post that clearly shows that Soobin respects Minhyuk!

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At this Music Bank, there was a scene where Minhyuk signaled Soobin at the end of the BTOB stage!

The interaction between Soobin and Minhyuk was a cute stage.

Please check that out too ♪