TXT Soobin and OHMYGIRL Arin showed off their special debut stage at Music Bank!

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Music bank, a popular Korean music program.

GoldenChild Bomin and YeEun, who were MCs at Music Bank the other day, graduated from MCs.

And on July 24, the special stage of new MCs TXT Soobin and OHMYGIRL Arin was unveiled!

This is the MC special stage of Soobin and Arin unveiled at Music Bank.

The cute and refreshing atmosphere of Soobin and Arin was wonderful!

It was a summery stage.

The new hair color of Soobin looked good.

The collaboration MC of popular group TXT and OHMYGIRL was a hot topic right after it was announced.

I’m looking forward to what kind of MC Soobin and Arin will do in the upcoming Music Bank!

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TXT Soobin and OHMYGIRL Arin who became the new MC of Music Bank.

The special stage of the two cute people was the best.

Please check it out♪