NCT127 “gimme gimme” MV was released! Who are the members who have entered the Twitter trend?

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NCT127 is active all over the world, mainly in South Korea.

NCT127 will release their Japanese album “LOVEHOLIC” on February 17th, and will continue their activities in Japan.

The MV of the song “gimme gimme” has been released!

This is the MV of NCT127 “gimme gimme” released at 18:00 on February 15th.

The other day, the MV teaser video of “gimme gimme” was released, and it has already become a hot topic.

They used to talk a little about “gimme gimme” on V Live and radio, it was a cool and powerful song like NCT127.

Mark and Taeyong’s rap was very cool!

The chorus dance was cool, and the choreography that crossed their legs was impressive.

You saw Taeyong’s dance, which had been suspended since the end of 2020, for the first time in a while.

At the climax, the high notes parts of Taeil and Haechan were amazing!

The intense dance and the high notes of Haechan and Taeil were combined, and it was powerful.

By the way, “#taeil” was ranked in the world trend of Twitter immediately after the MV was released, and it has become a hot topic!

You can see that Taeil is getting a lot of attention.

Their suit costumes were also perfect for the atmosphere of “gimme gimme”, and everyone was handsome.

Mark was wearing a red hat and Doyoung was wearing a black hat.

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NCT127 will appear on “CDTV Live! Live!” which will be broadcast from 22:00 tonight (February 15th).

“gimme gimme” is scheduled to be unveiled for the first time, and they are paying attention to what kind of performance you can see.

Please check that out too ♪