BTS Jin “The Astronaut” lyrics for ARMY are wonderful!

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BTS Jin is popular all over the world.

Jin will be enlisting soon, and attention is focused on when he will enlist.

On October 28th, the music video for Jin’s solo song “The Astronaut” was released!

This is the MV of BTS Jin “The Astronaut” posted on YouTube.

“The Astronaut” was co-written by Jin and Coldplay, and it’s a big collaboration.

A lot of Jin’s acting was seen in the released MV.

The MV story is full of mysteries, and there are various theories.

The lyrics of “The Astronaut” contain Jin’s thoughts towards ARMY!

It’s a wonderful lyric that makes you feel that Jin really likes ARMY😆

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Jin is currently in Argentina and will be attending Coldplay’s concert.

Jin will sing his new song “The Astronaut”, so I’m looking forward to his performance!

Let’s check it out♪