Pay attention to costume changes! NCT127 Mark and Taeyong celebrate DISPATCH! !

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NCT127 is loved from all over the world.

In the new song “Kick It”, intense performance sparked a lot of talk.

NCT127 Mark and Taeyong celebrated dispatch KOREA’s 5 million Instagram followers !

Here is a video posted to Koreadispatch’s Instagram.

Taeyong and Mark appeared in accordance with the song “Kick It”.

When Mark hid the camera by hand, the two costumes had changed!

After that, they were dancing coolly on Kick It.

I also did TWICE and SEVENTEEN in this DISPATCH challenge.

It’s an interesting video!

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NCT127 announced that it will release a repackaged album on May 19.

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of song you’re coming back from!

Please check it out♪