NCT DREAM will hold a fan meeting “HOT! SUMMER DREAM” on their debut day! The blue T-shirt is cute ♪

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NCT DREAM was formed by the youngest members of NCT.

NCT DREAM made a comeback with “Hot Sauce” and “Hello Future” in 2021, and it was a big hit worldwide.

NCT DREAM’s online fan meeting “HOT! SUMMER DREAM” was announced!

This is the announcement posted on the official Twitter account of NCT DREAM.

The other day, NCT 127 held an online fan meeting, and it was good news for NCTzen that NCT DREAM will also be held.

August 25th is the debut day of NCT DREAM, and it will be a special fanmeeting 😆

There were various sets, such as penlight sets, and blue T-shirt sets.

The blue T-shirt that is perfect for summer !

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By the way, today, August 13th, is NCT DREAM Jaemin’s birthday.

It’s been celebrated by fans all over the world, and hashtags celebrating Jaemin become a trend on Twitter.

Be sure to check out NCT DREAM’s fan meeting “HOT! SUMMER DREAM” ♪