NCT127 Mark has blue & green hair color! His hair color for “STICKER” is a hot topic!

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NCT127 will make a comeback with their new album “STICKER” on September 17th.

The image teaser has been released , and their cool photos are drawing attention.

Mark’s new hair color became a hot topic in the instagram live “37.5MHz Haechan Radio” broadcasted on September 15th!

In this “37.5MHz Haechan Radio”, Haechan became a radio DJ and NCT 127 members appeared together.

It was cute that everyone was trying to capture the camera.

Mark’s hair color was the focus of attention, and Mark had blue and green hair colors!

The upper part has blue hair and the lower part has green hair, which is a combination of hair colors that has never been seen before.

Mark had worn a hat to hide his hair color for a long time, but it was finally revealed on this Instagram live.

I’m looking forward to seeing what hair color Mark will be active in in the new song “STICKER”!

Don’t miss the MV for NCT 127 “STICKER” to be released on September 17th ♪