Yuta visited NCT127 Cafe at Omotesando of Tokyo, Japan! “Taeyong and I(テヨンと俺)” becomes trend !

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Yuta, a Japanese member who is active as NCT 127.

Yuta has more than 7.6 million followers on his personal Instagram and is drawing attention from all over the world.

Today, February 7th, Yuta visited NCT127 Cafe at Omotesando of Tokyo, Japan!

These are photos posted in Yuta’s personal Instagram story.

Yuta’s handsome selfie was posted saying “Everyone is home”.

And there was also a photo of chocolate for Valentine’s Day merchandise of NCT 127.

What was even more talked about was the photo of NCT127 Cafe!

A photo of NCT127 Cafe was posted with the comment “Taeyong and I(テヨンと俺)”.

NCT127 Cafe where Yuta visited was at Omotesando, and it seems that some fans actually met Yuta 😆

I don’t know if Yuta visited on vacation or if he will work in Japan, but Yuta’s appearance in Japan after a long time has been talked about.

I’m looking forward to Yuta on NCT 127’s Japan Dome Tour starting in May ♪