NCT Shotaro dresses up as a Jigsaw on Halloween! Sungchan’s Joker is so handsome! SM Halloween House was held ♪

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Shotaro and Sungchan joined as new members of NCT 2020.

The two are new members of NCT for the first time in a long time and have attracted attention from all over the world.

Recently, they have been promoting various activities.

Today, October 31st, SM Halloween House (SMTOWN WONDERLAND 2021) was held, and Sungtaro(Sungchan&Shotaro) wore Halloween costumes!

These are photos of Shotaro and Sungchan’s Halloween costumes posted on SMTOWN’s official Twitter account.

When I first saw them, I didn’t know who they were.

Shotaro was dressed as Jigsaw and Sungchan was dressed as Joker!

Shotaro as Jigsaw was really scary 😆

It was a little different from the usual cute Shotaro.

Sungchan as Joker was so handsome!

Both of them wore high quality costumes and their make-up was amazing.

It looks like Hollywood actors, and you can feel the passion they had for Halloween.

The quality of Halloween costumes of other NCT members and SM idols was also amazing, so let’s check it out ♪