Fans cry for the lyrics of “Hello” from EXO Chen to the fans! Introducing moving lyrics !!

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EXO’s main vocalist, Chen.

Chen’s singing ability is one of the best among KPOP idols, and his OST songs are also very popular.

EXO Chen has released the music video for his new song “Hello”!

CHEN 첸 '안녕 (Hello)' MV

This is the music video for EXO Chen “Hello” released on October 15th.

「Hello / It was hard to just say this word / While my mind was complicated for long / To decide what to say next / So many words piled up in my mind / And the empty space I couldn’t fill in / In fear that my empty words might leak through the gap / I’m scared」

Chen got married, became a father, and there was a movement among fans to leave Chen from EXO.

Chen haven’t participated in public activities for a while .

The lyrics of the new song “Hello” seem to express the feelings that Chen has for the fans, and many fans shed tears !

“Hello / After only writing just this word / I stop” at the end of the lyric is also impressive, it was also a nice scene of face expression Chen.

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Chen’s new song “Hello” was released, and the word about Chen quickly became a Twitter trend.

Chen is loved by fans all over the world.

Please check out Chen’s new song “Hello”, which is perfect for autumn ♪