EXO Chen announced enlistment! Handwritten letters to fans! Impressed by the lyrics of “Hello”! !

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Quote from:EXO twitter
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EXO Chen made a comeback with the new song “Hello”.

It’s an autumn ballad song, and you can hear Chen’s beautiful vocals.

EXO Chen has announced that he will join the army on October 26th!

This is EXO Chen’s handwritten letter.

“I’m writing today is because I wanted to tell you about my enlistment on October 26th.”

It was also added a gentle message from Chen, who cared about the health of his fans.

The fans were surprised at the sudden announcement !

The last lyrics of Chen’s new song “Hello” also had a message that made me feel his enlisted, so when I listen to it again, it touches my heart.

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Following EXO Xiumin, D.O., and Suho, Chen is the fourth enlistment .

It’s lonely for EXO members to join the army, but Xiumin will be back soon!

I’m looking forward to the comeback of EXO ♪