Red Velvet Irene becomes PRADA Ambassador! Focus on the beautiful visuals !!


Popular KPOP idol Red Velvet.

Red Velvet has been making hit songs since its debut.

All the members are paying attention to the beautiful visuals.

Red Velvet Irene became PRADA Ambassador!

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#광고 @prada @voguekorea #PradaFW20

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Here is a video with PRADA posted on Red Velvet Irene’s Instagram.

Irene wearing various PRADA costumes appeared one after another, and it was a wonderful video.

Irene is always beautiful!

Plaid and black fashion, Irene was well dressed in every outfit!

It was cool because Irene’s visuals were as dignified as luxury brands.

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Red Velvet Irene has become a PRADA ambassador.

The collaboration between Irene and PRADA is wonderful!

Please check it out ♪