ASTRO ChaEunwoo posts shining selfie! “D-day 4”

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Group ASTRO is booming in popularity.

ASTRO has won first place in music programs and is also active in variety and drama.

On May 4th, ASTRO is going to release a new album, GATEWAY.

This time, I will introduce the shining selfie of ASTRO ChaEunwoo !

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D-day 4

A post shared by 차은우 (@eunwo.o_c) on

Here’s a photo posted to ASTRO ChaEunwoo’s Instagram.

It was written “D-day4”.

It is the countdown to the release of the new album “GATEWAY”.

He was handsome as usual.

Eunwoo also posted on ASTRO’s Twitter.

「Knock Knock Knock」

It was with a comment according to the title song “KNOCK” of “GATEWAY”.

Eunwoo lit by the sunset is also very cool!

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Astro is just a little bit to come back.

I’m curious what kind of song the title song “KNOCK” is.

Please check it out♪