Last chair is for Seungri(V.I) ? BIGBANG “Still Life” MV theory is a hot topic!

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BIGBANG is very popular all over the world.

Today, at midnight on April 5th, the MV for BIGBANG’s new song “Still Life” has been released!

This is the MV for BIGBANG “Still Life” released on YouTube.

BIGBANG’s comeback since “FLOWER ROAD” released in 2018 has been expected by fans all over the world.

The teaser poster for each BIGBANG member was released earlier, and their hair style change became a hot topic.

The singing that started with SOL (Taeyang) was impressive 😆

D-LITE’s vocals, G-DRAGON, and T.O.P’s rap were also wonderful.

At the climax, there was a part where “la la la” continued, and it was a scene that touched my heart.

The MV story of “Still Life” is also full of highlights, and the theory has become a hot topic!

Four chairs appeared in the MV of “Still Life”.

D-LITE was sitting on the second chair from the right.

The four chairs are said to be the chairs for G-DRAGON, SOL, T.O.P, and D-LITE.

And, at the end of the MV, a fifth injured chair will appear.

Many fans consider that this last chair represents a chair for V.I (Seungri)!

Considering that there are exactly 5 chairs, it certainly seems to represent a chair for V.I(Seungri).

I still don’t know the true meaning of the MV of “Still Life”, but considering that the four members are waiting for V.I (Seungri), it’s a moving story 😭

I would like to hear BIGBANG sing “Still Life” at a concert someday ♪