CLC is making a comeback with “HELICOPTER”! Yeeun’s rap is cool !!

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Quote from:CLC twitter
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CLC that belongs to the same CUBE entertainment as BTOB, PENTAGON, and (G)I-DLE.

CLC has cool songs.

Such CLC is back with the new song “HELICOPTER”!

This is the MV of CLC “HELICOPTER” released on September 2.

It was CLC first comeback in about a year, and CLC was paying attention early on.

The new song “HELICOPTER” started with a cool Yeeun rap!

Yeeun appeared in “GOOD GIRL”, showed new charm, and became a hot topic.

Seungyeon’s powerful dance and Seunghee’s vocal were amazing!

All the members are even more beautiful.

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CLC is always trying new concepts.

At “HELICOPTER”, you can feel the charm of girl crush like CLC!

CLC is planning to make comeback activities for each music program.

Please check it out♪