Sexy and cool !! MAMAMOO Hwasa is back with a new song “Maria”! Introducing MV !!

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MAMAMOO has won fans with a girl-crush appeal.

Speaking of MAMAMOO, stage performances are always a topic, and the stage at MAMA was also powerful.

MAMAMOO won the Queendom and proved popular.

Such MAMAMOO’s Hwasa was back with a new song “Maria”!

[MV] 화사 (Hwa Sa) – 마리아 (Maria)

This is the MV for MAMAMOO Hwasa “Maria” released at 6pm on June 29th.

Hwasa’s solo debut song “TWIT” was also very popular.

It was decided that Hwasa would come back and fans around the world were paying attention.

Hwasa in “Maria” was very beautiful!

Her dance was too sexy! !!

Hwasa performed flamenco-style dance in the middle of the song, and you can feel the femininity of Hwasa.

It looks like another big hit.

Befitting the title “Maria”, Hwasa played an attractive woman.

It was an MV that made me want to see the performance on stage quickly.

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MAMAMOO Hwasa who made a comeback with the new song “Maria”.

The MV for “Maria” was packed with various fascinating charms.

Hwasa will now appear on each music program and promote her comeback activities.

Please check it out!

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