AB6IX showcases “RED UP” stage at GOOD GIRL! The last stage in which Youngmin appeared !!

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GOOD GIRL featuring many popular artists such as Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon, CLC Yeeun, KARD Jiwoo, Cheetah and Ailee.

The stage of cool female artists has become a hot topic.

AB6IX appeared in such GOOD GIRL.

I introduce the “RED UP” stage that AB6IX showed at GOOD GIRL!

GOOD GIRL [6회] AB6IX – Intro + RED UP @두 번째 퀘스트 4R 200618 EP.6

This is the stage of AB6IX “RED UP” that was shown at GOOD GIRL.

AB6IX has been very cool since its appearance.

The pose of touching their mouth with “RED UP” was impressive!

Woojin’s bass rap surprised other performers.

Daehwi’s husky vocals, Donghyun’s sweet vocals, and Woong’s transparent vocals were all attractive.

It’s the sexy performance!

By the way, Youngmin, who left AB6IX, also appeared on this stage!

It’s the last stage of Youngmin seen on TV.

It was disappointing that Youngmin’s appearance scene was cut.

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AB6IX showed off the stage of “RED UP” at GOOD GIRL.

It was the last stage where YoungMin appeared.

I’m really sorry for Youngmin leaving, but I’m still supporting the success of AB6IX♪

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