Introducing the profile of Wanna One’s center, Kang Daniel! Real name, personality, birthday, blood type, height, family, educational background, and girlfriend !!

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Kang Daniel’s profile


Real name: Kang Daniel

Hangul name: 강다니엘 (강의건 )

Birth date: December 10, 1996

Hometown: Busan, South Korea

Blood type: A type

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 67 kg

Family: father, mother

Education: Buniel High School, Contemporary Dance Department

WannaOne’s Center

[Wanna One – Burn It Up] Debut Stage | M COUNTDOWN 170810 EP.536

Wanna One was born from the popular audition program Produce 101 Season 2.

WannaOne is a historic group that achieved million sellers despite being a newcomer.

Unfortunately, WannaOne was a limited-time group, so it ended on January 27, 2019.

They are currently promoting individual activities.

Kang Daniel was the center of the Wanna One, winning the number 1 popularity vote.

Kang Daniel successfully completed the center’s work during the Wanna One activity for about a year and a half.

Sexy charm is very popular !

PRODUCE 101 season2 [9회] ′섹시의 끝′ㅣKnock ♬열어줘 @콘셉트 평가 170602 EP.9

Kang Daniel is very popular now, but he didn’t get much attention in the early days of Produce 101 broadcasting.

Although it was not in the debut area for a while, Kang Daniel gradually became popular as the show progressed.

In the theme song “Pick Me” of Produce 101, he ran as a B-class leader, and he attracted attention.

And in Super Junior “SORRY, SORRY”, he became a team with Minhyun, Ong SeongWu, and Jaehwan and performed a legendary stage.

Next, in the position evaluation, he dance-covered “Get Ugly” with Woojin, JiHoon and Ong SeongWu, and created a cool stage.

It was the stage of “Knock”, which was shown in the concept evaluation, when the charm of kang Daniel, which gradually became popular, exploded.

Kang Daniel on “Knock” was too sexy!

Especially in “Thigh Dance”, he captured the hearts of women in the world with sexy thigh choreography.

While doing the task piece in this way, Kang Daniel continued to win fans and he brilliantly won the 1st place in the final vote of Produce 101 and was selected as the center of Wanna One.

Mental age is the same as elementary school students! ?

[日本語字幕]いたずらっ子 カンダニエルは小学生?

Even though Kang Daniel is a very sexy on stage, he usually has a childish personality.

Wanna One members said that Kang Daniel is as old as elementary school children.

Famous for fans, Kang Daniel loves pranks.

Kang Daniel was doing a lot of pranks on the members of Wanna One’s independent program “Wanna One GO”.

Jisung was often mischievous from Kang Daniel.

Since Jisung has a cute reaction, Kang Daniel seems to want to play tricks.

Kang Daniel is famous for his smile.

Kang Daniel was laughing at every little thing, sometimes laughing at a point where everyone wasn’t laughing.

Kang Daniel’s laughing face is too cute, and it is said that he looks just like a dog.

Furthermore, Kang Daniel loves gummies and eat many gummies per day.

He seem to have reduced the amount of gummy he eat after his dentist declared he had decayed teeth .