AB6IX collaborates with ZICO! ZICO produced the title song! !

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AB6IX making a comeback with the new album “VIVID”.

People’s expectations are gathering for their comeback after a long absence.

Personal videos are being released one after another.

And ZICO has been announced to produce the title song “THE ANSWER”!

Here is the track list of AB6IX’s new album “VIVID”.

The title song is “THE ANSWER”, and it is written that ZICO made it.

It was expected that the song that Daehwi made this time would also be the title, but it was really ZICO.

In the days of Wanna One, ZICO was also producing the unit song “Kangaroo” of Triple Posution to which Woojin belongs.

[Wanna One_Triple Position – Kangaroo] Comeback Stage | M COUNTDOWN 180607 EP.573

ZICO’s pop song, “Kangaroo” was a big hit.

Such collaboration between ZICO and AB6IX has become a hot topic.

I wonder what kind of song it is.

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AB6IX and ZICO collaborate “THE ANSWER”.

Big collaboration is already a hot topic.

I’m looking forward to the release♪

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