Ha Sung Woon from Wanna One has orange hair! The summer-like color is a topic! !

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Wanna One born from Produce 101 Season 2.

WannaOne is very popular and has caused a social phenomenon in Korea.

After the dissolution of WannaOne, he is active in solo and in other groups.

I introduce Ha Sung Woon’s hair color change from Wanna One!

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A post shared by 하성운 (@gooreumseng) on

This is a picture posted on Ha Sung Woon’s Instagram.

It was summery, and he had his orange hair messed up.

It has a flashy hair color, but it suits Sung Woon well.

It goes well with the white skin of Sung Woon.

It’s like a visual from a manga!

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Ha Sung Woon making a comeback on June 8th with his 3rd mini album “Twilight Zone”.

The title song is “Get Ready”.

I’m looking forward to what kind of song it will be after a long comeback!

Please check it out!