Little face prince! May 10th is the birthday of CIX BaeJinyoung from Wanna One! !

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The popular group WannaOne was birthday from Produce101 Season 2.

Eleven of the 101 trainees were selected.

May 10th is the birthday of CIX BaeJinyoung from WannaOne !

Born may 10, 2000, BaeJinyoung is now 21 years old.

BaeJinyoung has been attracting attention from the time produce101 has been a small-faced, handsome visual.

PRODUCE 101 season2 C9ㅣ배진영ㅣ붐바스틱 박보검(?) @자기소개_1분 PR 161212 EP.0

At the start of the Produce101 appearance, BaeJinyoung was pointed out by his trainer about his lack of confidence.

Still, BaeJinyoung continued to work hard and grew fast.

BaeJinyoung was able to make his debut as WannaOne after his efforts were recognized.

[MPD직캠] 워너원 배진영 직캠 '켜줘(Light)' (WANNA ONE BAE JIN YOUNG FanCam) | @MCOUNTDOWN_2018.6.7

BaeJinyoung on WannaOne was really cool.

The facial expressionperformance on the stage and the distinctive singing voice were attractive.

After the dissolution of WannaOne, BaeJinyoung made his re-debut as CIX.

[CIX – Movie Star] KPOP TV Show | M COUNTDOWN 190808 EP.630

CiX had a student of YG Entertainment in addition to BaeJinyoung, so it was a hot topic even before its debut.

CIX’s debut song Movie Star was very popular because it didn’t seem like a newcomer.

It was popular to win the first place in the music program suddenly.

It is a group that is expected to play an active part in the future.