Looking forward to the new song! NU’EST releases “I’m in Trouble” teaser! !

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NU’EST will make a comeback with the 8th mini-album “The Nocturne” on May 11.

The title song is “I’m in Trouble”.

It’s a very popular NU’EST comeback, and it’s getting a lot of attention all over the world.

This time, I will introduce the teaser image of NU’EST new song “I’m in Trouble”.

Here is a teaser video of “I’m in Trouble” which was originally released.

It was a chic atmosphere.

The choreography in which the members pointed out the pistol sat against each other was impressive.

The last BAEKHO singing voice was wonderful.

And here is the second teaser video released.

The performance was reflected only a little.

The dance with the same breath is cool!

I want to see the live video soon!!

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In this new song “I’m in Trouble”, the graded visual of NU’EST members became a hot topic.

I’m also paying attention to Minhyun who became blonde and Ren’s hairstyle.

NU’EST to make a comeback on May 11.

I’m looking forward to the new song “I’m in Trouble” ♪