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Impressed by CLC Yujin’s tears on Girls Planet 999! She performed Hyuna’s “Bubble Pop!”.

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The newly started audition program “Girls Planet 999 “.

99 girls from Japan, China and South Korea are appearing, and they are challenging various evaluations toward the debut .

CLC Yujin’s performance was noticed in “Girls Planet 999” broadcast on August 13th!

[2회] K그룹 ‘최유진’ ♬Bubble Pop!_현아 @플래닛 탐색전 #GirlsPlanet999 | Mnet 210813 방송

This is the performance of CLC Yujin that was shown on “Girls Planet 999”.

Yujin was born in 1996 and is a member of the popular girl group CLC.

Not only other trainees, but also Sunmi and Tiffany were paying attention Yujin’s performance.

Yujin performed Hyuna’s “Bubble Pop!” !

It was a perfect song selection for Yujin 😆

The judges also praised Yujin’s performance, and it was really good.

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Yujin was selected as a TOP9 candidate and was recognized by all the judges!

When Yujin heard her evaluation, she cried and it was moving scene 😭

I think Yujin was under a lot of pressure, but she finished her performance brilliantly and was cool.

Let’s check Yujin’s success in Girls Planet 999 in the future ♪