Chungha from I.O.I is back with a new song “PLAY”! A passionate MV has also been released !!

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I.O.I born from Produce 101.

I.O.I was a very popular girl group, but it was disbanded because it was for a limited time.

After that, I.O.I members are active in solos and groups.

Such Chungha from I.O.I made a comeback with the new song “PLAY”!

This is the MV of Chungha’s new song “PLAY” released on July 6.

The MV with lots of flowers was very beautiful.

Chungha, who was dressed as a bullfighter, was cool at the end.

It was full of impressive high quality dance!

There were also choreography like flamenco.

The red outfit Chungha wore was passionate and cool.

The atmosphere of the MV changed completely in the first half and the second half, and it was a wonderful MV.

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Chungha who made a comeback with the new song “PLAY”.

Chungha is very popular as a solo artist after graduating from I.O.I.

I’m looking forward to the stage performance of “PLAY”♪