Pay attention to Kangmin! VERIVERY covers SEVENTEEN “Mansae” in Kingdom! !

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VERIVERY debuted in 2019.

VERIVERY is an group of Jellyfish Entertainment to which VIXX belongs.

VERIVERY is attracting attention for its refreshing visuals and breathtaking performances.

It was decided to appear on “Road to Kingdom”, and it was a topic of conversation.

This time, I will introduce “Mansae” of SEVENTEEN covered by VERIVERY in Road to Kingdom.

This is the cover stage of SEVENTEEN “Mansae” by VERIVERY.

The white costume was cool!

There were a lot of performers and it was a gorgeous stage.

I arranged “Mansae” in a VERIVERY way, and it had a different charm from SEVENTEEN.

It was a refreshing stage that was perfect for VERIVERY.

The other performers were surprised by the performance.

The point of attention in the cover stage of VERIVERY this time was Kangmin.

Kangmin has been attracting attention for being handsome and cute for a long time.

“Shall we walk together?” was impressive.

The BOYZ members also said, “It’s cute!!”

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VERIVERY with the original arrangement of SEVENTEEN “Mansae”.

Road to Kingdom was not only VERIVERY, but also a high quality stage.

Please check it out♪