Also exposed abs! ONF covers SHINee “Everybody” in “Road to Kingdom”! !


“Road to Kingdom” is featuring popular groups such as PENTAGON and GoldenChild.

It’s interesting to see the gorgeous stage shown every time.

This time, I will introduce SHINee “Everybody” covered by ONF in Kingdom !

[ENG] Road to Kingdom [2회] ♬ Everybody – 온앤오프 (원곡 샤이니) @1차 경연 200507 EP.2

This is the stage of “Everybody” of ONF which was shown in Kingdom.

It was a different style from the original music, and it had a dark atmosphere.

ONF member’s zombie-like make-up was amazing !

The dance with the sharpness was also cool.

The most interesting point of this ONF stage was WYATT’s abs.

Other performers were surprised by the tempered abs!

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The cover stage of SHINee “Everybody” by ONF with high quality.

It was a stage full of attractions!

Please check it out♪

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