Who is the youngest member of NCT2020? How old are Shotaro and Sungchan? Younger than Jisung?

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NCT2020 will make a comeback from NCT2018 for the first time in about two years.

NCT U, NCT 127, NCT DREAM, Way V, all units are made up of 23 members.

New members Shotaro and Sungchan are also participating.

This time, I will introduce who is the youngest member of NCT2020!

Shotaro, a new member of NCT2020, was born in 2000, and Sungchan was born in 2001.

NCT DREAM’s Jisung was born in 2002, so the youngest member (Manne) remained Jisung!

Ji Sung’s nickname “Eternal Manne” seems to continue for a while.

By the way, Shotaro has a cute appearance and outstanding dance ability, and Sungchan has high height, visuals, and excellent rap ability.

I want to see Shotaro’s dance and Sungchan’s rap soon!

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The new members Shotaro and Sungchan will be introduced on V Live on NCT2020, which will be broadcast on September 23rd at 18:00.

I’m also interested in their personalities and talks!

Please check it out ♪