Seungyoun (WOODZ) from X1 has released a new song “파랗게 (Love Me Harder)” MV !!

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Produce X101 has caused a social phenomenon in Korea.

X1 was born from ProduceX101 and was expected as a monster group.

However, due to the problem of voting operation, X1 has been dissolved.

X1 members are currently promoting individual activities.

On June 29, Seungyoun (WOODZ) from X1 announced a new song, “파랗게 (Love Me Harder)”!

This is the MV of WOODZ “파랗게 (Love Me Harder)”.

Seungyoun has been working in a group called UNIQ before X1.

The name of Seungyoun’s solo activity is WOODZ.

WOODZ has announced the songs “POOL” and “DIFFERENT” until now, and it has been recognized for its musicality.

Seungyoun (WOODZ), who became active as X1 and became more well-known, will release new songs, which attracted fans all over the world.

The MV of the new song “파랗게 (Love Me Harder)” has a sexy and masculine Seungyoun charm!

Seungyoun played two characters and was an impressive MV.

It’s a song with whistling sounds.

It was a wonderful MV as I was able to see cool Seungyoun.

You’ve seen Seungyoun’s appearance different from what you saw at X1.

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WOODZ has announced a new song “파랗게 (Love Me Harder)”.

WOODZ’s new album “EQUAL” has many good songs in addition to “파랗게 (Love Me Harder)”.

We support Seungyoun’s activities as WOODZ♪