TVXQ U-KNOW made a comeback with “Thank U”! There is also a fierce fight scene !!

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TVXQ belonging to SM Entertainment.

TVXQ is attracting attention from all over the world as a legendary idol.

TVXQ U-KNOW has released the MV of his new song “Thank U”!

This is the MV of TVXQ U-KNOW “Thank U” released on January 18th.

It was a high quality MV like a yakuza movie, and the story was amazing!

In the elevator, there was a cool action scene of U-KNOW.

There was also a scene where a lot of blood came out.

The climax Russian roulette scene was also thrilling and impressive.

It was the 東方派 who won the shootout, and it was a cool MV until the ending.

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TVXQ U-KNOW’s 2nd mini album “NOIR” has finally been released.

Not only “Thank U” but also other songs are filled with U-KNOW’s thoughts, and I’m looking forward to the performance!

Please check it out ♪