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GFRIEND releases witch version of “Apple”! What characters did the members cosplay?

Quote from:YouTube
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GFRIED made a comeback with the new song “Apple”.

GFRIEND has many hit songs.

GFRIEND also won first place in the music program on “Apple”.

Such a witch version of GFRIEND “Apple” has been released!

[CHOREOGRAPHY] GFRIEND (여자친구) 'Apple' Witch ver.

This is the witch version of GFIEND “Apple” released on YouTube.

High quality costumes have become a hot topic.

GFRIEND members who have transformed into witches were so beautiful!

It was a Halloween-like cosplay.

The usual “Apple” is good, but the witch version of “Apple” was also fun.

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GFRIEND always sends out interesting things.

This time, the witch version of the new song “Apple” was released.

Please check it out♪