BTS JungKook releases “Still With You”! BTS FESTA 2020


BTS FESTA 2020 started in June.

The “Airplane pt.2 (Summer ver.)” and family photos have been released, and it’s become a hot topic.

BTS JungKook’s solo song “Still With You” was released on June 5th!

Jungkook’s “Still With You” released through Sound Cloud on June 5.

It was expected that something would be released, but ARMY was surprised that it was Jung Kook’s solo song!

“Still With You” had a calm and stylish atmosphere.

The sound of the guitar and Jung Kook’s singing voice matched perfectly.

The “Still With You” released at 12:00 broke streaming 1 million times and proved popular.

Jung Kook is amazing!

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BTS JungKook’s solo song “Still With You” released on June 5.

It has become a hot topic all over the world.

I’m looking forward to future events at BTS FESTA 2020♪