Introducing the members of SECRET NUMBER! Also members from Japan and Indonesia!

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TWICE, IZ * ONE, and many foreigners are now active in the KPOP world.

A yearning for the world’s most popular KPOP is growing year by year.

This time, I will introduce the hot idol, SECRET NUMBER!

[MV] SECRET NUMBER(시크릿넘버) _ Who Dis?

This is the MV of SECRE NUMBER’s debut song “Who Dis?” released on May 19th.

“Who Dis?” was composed by BTS’s “Boy With Luv” composer, and the choreography was performed by 배윤정 , who appeared in the PRODUCE 101 series.

Gorgeous people are involved!

The released “Who Dis?” MV quickly surpassed 1 million playbacks, and you can see that it is receiving attention from all over the world.

By the way, SECRET NUMBER is made up of multinational members.

I will introduce the members in order.

First, the Japanese member LEA.

LEA is a member who has the ability to appear in MIXNINE.

LEA also sang an impressive part in “Who Dis?”.


JINNY was appeared on PRODUCE48.

It has become a hot topic among former YG entertainment trainees.

SOODAM is the only member from SECRET NUMBER from Korea.

It’s rare for a KPOP idol to have only one Korean!

Next is DITA.

DITA is KPOP’s first member from Indonesia.

It seems that it has become a hot topic in Indonesia so much that it has been covered in the news.

I am looking forward to the success of DITA.

Finally DENIS.

DENIS has a history of appearing in “KPOP Star Season 5”.

Her powerful vocal of DENIS was also felt in “Who Dis?”.

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SECRET NUMBER composed of multinational members.

The debut song “Who Dis?”

Since SECRET NUMBER has various personalities, I am looking forward to their future success.

Please check it out!