ATEEZ made a comeback with “불놀 이야 (I’m The One)”! The ending is a hot topic!

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Korean boys group ATEEZ.

ATEEZ is a popular idol with powerful performances.

On March 1st, ATEEZ made a comeback with their new album “ZERO: FEVER Part.2”!

This is the MV of ATEEZ “불놀 이야 (I’m The One)” released at 18:00 on March 1st.

The performance preview of “불놀 이야 (I’m The One)” was released in advance, and their dance was a hot topic.

It started with Seonghwa’s part and continued to Yeosang, San, and Jongho.

Mingi didn’t appear in the music video, but his powerful rap was cool!

The phrase “불놀 이야” repeated in the chorus was impressive, and the formation dance where the center member changed was very cool.

Fans are paying attention to the ending of the MV for “불놀 이야 (I’m The One)”!

A person wearing a red costume appeared, and it was the ending that would lead to a future story.

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ATEEZ will be appearing on a Korean music programs and will continue to make a comeback with “불놀 이야 (I’m The One)”.

The MV was great, and I want to see the live performance soon!

Please check out ATEEZ’s future activities ♪