ONF showcases new song “New World”! !! Road to Kingdom

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Road to Kingdom finally reached the final on June 18.

PENTAGON, ONF, THE BOYZ and others have had a survival battle.

This time, I would like to introduce the stage of the new song “New World” of ONF that was unveiled at the final of Road to Kingdom!

This is the stage of ONF “New World” that was unveiled at the Road to Kingdom final on June 18.

ONF has performed at a high level at previous competitions.

You could see the wonderful performance of ONF at “New World” which was shown at the final.

Transparent vocals, powerful rap, and sharp dance were great stages.

Also, “New World” is the song that ONF ranked in the chart for the first time, and became a hot topic.

You can clearly see the popularity of ONF rising.

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The stage of ONF “New World” unveiled at the final of Road to Kingdom.

As a result, ONF finished second.

ONF haven’t appeared in Kingdom, but I’m supporting the success of ONF in the future♪