Jimin’s hobby is getting scolded by Jungkook! ? There is plenty of kookmin in the self profile written by Jimin! !

Quote from:BTS twitter

BTS FESTA 2020 started in June.

BTS entertains ARMY every year.

This time, BTS Jimin wrote about his profile!

Jmin, who is in charge of Happy Virus at BTS.

Jimin’s hobby is “Getting angry by Jung Kook”.

Further special skill is “Being hung by Jung Kook”.

Jimin’s hobbies and special skills were related to Jungkook!

It was a profile that conveys the goodness of Kookmin.

Jimin really loves Jung Kook.

ARMY is jealous too.

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Jung Kook and Jimin are always good friends.

It is known as Kookmin among ARMY.

I hope Kookmin will continue to be friends ♪