Keita debuted at Ciipher who appeared in “YG Treasure Box”! RAIN’s produce is a hot topic!

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Quote from:Ciipher official instagram
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TREASURE was born in the audition program “YG Treasure Box”.

There are many popular members who have dropped out, and they are currently active in another group.

Keita, a Japanese trainee who appeared in “YG Treasure Box”, has made his debut with Ciipher!

This is the music video for Ciipher’s debut song “I like you (안꿀려)”, which Keita belongs to.

Ciipher is attracting attention as a group produced by RAIN!

In addition to Keita, other well-known members such as Dohwan who appeared in “YG Treasure Box”, Hyunbin who appeared in ProduceX101, and Won of 1THE9 belong.

RAIN’s wife, Kim Tae Hee, appeared in the MV for “I like you (안꿀려)”, which became a hot topic.

Keita is also active in “YG Treasure Box”, and BLACKPINK’s “Really”, which he sang with Yedam, has been played more than 12 million times.

Yedam’s sweet singing voice and Keita’s rap matched well!

Unfortunately, Keita wasn’t able to debut as TREASURE, but the fans are happy that Keita can safely debut with a new group.

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At Ciipher’s debut showcase, the scene where Keita speaks a message to his family in Japan was noted.

Keita was talking while shedding tears, and it was a touching scene😭

Let’s see Keita, who is active as Ciipher♪