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BTS 95z’s close-up shot is a topic! A cute photo is born with V’s big hand and Jimin’s small face !!

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BTS who are good friends like a family.

The cool BTS on stage is also very popular, but the cute BTS that you usually see is also popular.

BTS 95z (Jimin and V)’s close shot will be introduced this time!

This is a close-up shot of V and Jimin shot on the BTS variety show.

The pictures of 95z performing as directed by BTS members were all wonderful.

Especially, the photo of V closing Jimin’s mouth became a hot topic!

BTS members also liked the photo.

Also, in this photo, there was a lot of talk about whether Jimin’s face was small or V’s hand was large.

I’m sure both of these elements were combined to create a cute photo!

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BTS 95z (V and Jimin) who are always good friends.

95z’s close shot remains in history.

I want to continue to see a lot of good friends, 95z♪