CRAVITY releases new song “Cloud 9” MV! The refreshing and cute concept looks too good! !


CRAVITY made its debut in “BREAK ALL THE RULES” in 2020.

A group to which many members who have been active in Produce X101 belong.

Such CRAVITY has released a new song “Cloud 9” MV!

CRAVITY 크래비티 'Cloud 9' MV

This is the MV for CRAVITY “Cloud 9” released on June 17.

CRAVITY’s debut song “BREAK ALL THE RULES” was cool, but “Cloud 9” was a refreshing and cute song!

It was a song with the opposite charm.

I personally remembered the “Pretty Girl” that was shown at Produce X101.

[ENG sub] PRODUCE X 101 [10회] ♬이뻐이뻐(Pretty Girl)ㅣ'국프님 마음에 색색을 물들일' 크레파스 @콘셉트 평가

Similar to “Pretty Girl”, “Cloud 9” was a song with a refreshing concept and was perfect for CRAVITY.

Especially suited to the younger members, Hyeongjun , Seongmin, and Taeyoung!

Serim and Allen’s rap part was also refreshing and perfect for the summer.

Wonjin dyed his hair pink.

The dance was so cute that I wanted to see the live performance quickly.

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The MV of CRAVITY’s new song “Cloud 9” finally released.

“Cloud 9” was a song where you can fully feel the charm of refreshing CRAVITY.

Please check it out!

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