The video of “Blue & Grey” sung by BTS V has been released! His pet dog Yeontan is a hot topic! What was V drawing?

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Quote from:BTS official twitter
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BTS’s latest album “BE” is a big hit.

Not only the title song “Life Goes On”, but all the songs included are also popular.

On February 5th, the video of “Blue & Grey” sung by BTS V was released!

This is a video of V posted on BTS’s official Twitter account at 0:00 on February 5th.

Until now, videos of SUGA, RM, Jungkook, and Jimin have been released in order, and this time it was V.

V was singing “Blue & Grey” from the album “BE”!

“Blue & Grey” is one of the most popular songs in “BE”, and it is also noted that V participated in the production.

In the video, V’s pet dog Yeontan appeared, and the appearance of walking around was very cute!

It was like Yeontan’s painting that V drew on his smartphone.

V’s singing voice is wonderful 😆

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In “Blue & Grey”, not only the melody but also the healing lyrics are popular among fans.

This song is perfect for listening at the end of the day, and is recommended for tired people!

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