Nizi project members appeared in the MV of StrayKids new song 「Gods Menu」!?


Stray Kids released their new album “GO生” on June 17.

The MV of the new song “Godw Menu (神메뉴)” has been released, and the number of views has been growing rapidly.

Such the members of NIZI project that appeared in the MV of “Gods menu (神 메뉴)” by Stray Kids became a hot topic!

NIZI project aimed at creating a Japanese version of TWICE by JYP who produced TWICE.

The debut members will be decided soon.

StrayKids “Gods Menu (神메뉴)” also featured women who are thought to be members of NIZI Project.

There was no scene where the face was clearly seen, but they were dancing and acting.

There was a rumor that only the debut members were in the performance, but I’m curious what it really is.

Please take a look at the MV of “Gods Menu (神메뉴)”!

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The members of NIZI project, which became a hot topic after appearing on the MV of StrayKids”Gods Menu (神메뉴)”.

The debut members are finally decided!

Please check it out!