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NMIXX covered Stray Kids “Thunderous” on KCON! Jiwoo’s rap, Haewon & Lily’s vocals are wonderful!

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NMIXX debuted in February 2022 from JYP Entertainment.

NMIXX has a lot of talented members, and their high performance skills are attracting attention.

Yesterday, at KCON held on May 8th, NMIXX performed the cover stage of Stray Kids “Thunderous”!

This is NMIXX’s performance posted on KCON’s YouTube.

NMIXX performed their debut song “O.O” and Stray Kids “Thunderous”.

Haewon, who injured her ankle, was sitting in a chair and participated.

The fans at the venue cheered that NMIXX would cover the songs of Stray Kids.

Jiwoo covered Changbin’s rap and Haewon and Lily’s vocals were wonderful 😆

Hanbok outfits are perfect for the concept of “Thunderous” and have become a hot topic among KPOP fans all over the world.

I am looking forward to NMIXX’s future activities♪