Cat keychain is so cute! Stray Kids LeeKnow’s airport fashion is wonderful!

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Stray Kids LeeKnow is very popular all over the world.

LeeKnow is the MC of “Music Core” and is active in various fields.

Today, January 13th, Stray Kids left for Riyadh.

Cat keychain is attracted attention in LeeKnow’s airport fashion!

This is a video of Stray Kids at airport posted on the official Instagram of KOREA DISPATCH.

Stray Kids members wore cool airport fashion, and it was full of highlights.

LeeKnow wore a black beret.

His hoodie and black bag were also nice.

And cat keychain was attached to the bag !

This cat keychain is a product called “Cheese mini toy” of “POUNDCAT”, and the design is so cute 😆

LeeKnow has cats and is famous for his love of cats.

Furthermore, this cat keychain seems to be a product that helps stray cats, and I felt the kindness of LeeKnow.

The airport fashion of other Stray Kids members was also wonderful, so let’s check it out ♪