Impressed by the eight rings including Hyunjin! Stray Kids made original rings on KINGDOM!

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BTOB, iKON, SF9, THE BOYZ, StrayKids, ATEEZ appear on the competition program “KINGDOM”.

Every time a cool performance is shown, KPOP fans all over the world are watching it.

In KINGDOM broadcasted on April 29, there was a scene where Stray Kids created original rings!

At this competition, Stray Kids performed BTOB “I’ll Be Your Man”.

And, StrayKids members made original rings.

The rings were created by engraving the characters.

3RACHA was happy to see the cute ring.

It was funny that Changbin’s ring was engraved with “MYH” !

Also, it was a hot topic among fans that these rings were made for 8 people including Hyunjin !

Unfortunately, Hyunjin hasn’t been able to participate in KINGDOM, but I was impressed by the fact that StrayKids members were thinking about Hyunjin 😆

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Thanks to the rings, the performance of Stray Kids on KINGDOM was wonderful.

BTOB’s “I’ll Be Your Man” was arranged by StrayKids, and the concept was touching !

Please check it out ♪